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Summoners War Account

Summoners War Account
Summoners War Account
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Why buy from us a Summoner War Smurf Account:

  • Instant Delivery.
  • 30 Days money back if anything happens to the account because of us.

How to buy the Summoner War Smurf Acc:

  • Select the account type you want and platform.
  • After the payment is complete account will be sent to your account and email, please note that in some rare occasion it can take up to 24h.
  • If you need any support contact us over email or live chat.

Why Buy Summoner War Account Sky Arena for Sale:

Before we go into details why you should buy a Summoner War Smurf Account lets talk about the game a bit, summoner war is a mobile game created in Korea and it is very popular among the best mobile games created. That is why we offer Smurf accounts for it to skip the grinding and farming and get a nice acc from the beginning.

The game is a turn based strategy game with a lot of spells in a fantasy environment, the player takes the role of a summoner to create monsters for battle, there are both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. The main story is singleplayer but with the modes like the rift of worlds and world arena you can compete in the multiplayer. 

Newly summoned monsters can range from a 1-star grade to a 5-star grade, with 4 and 5 star monsters being the rarest. 5 star monsters have about a 0.5% chance to obtain from a mystical scroll. 4 star monsters have about an 8.2% chance to obtain from a mystical scroll. 3 star monsters have about a 91% chance to summon from a mystical scroll. Monsters come in five elements: water, fire, wind, light, and dark. In terms of attack, water monsters have an advantage over fire, fire has an advantage over wind, and wind has an advantage over water. Light and dark have an advantage over each other, but deal regular damage to the other three types. In addition, each monster also has a specific class, such as support, defence, health points, and attack.

Using monsters in battle raises their experience level, and they can be evolved to a higher star grade, with the maximum being a 6-star grade. The battles in Summoners War: Sky Arena happen in turns and, unlike other titles, allow you to have direct control of your characters. You can select which attack or ability you want to use, very similar to how traditional JRPGs work.