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Bank Transfer & Steam Trade

Thank you for the purchase, please check the details below, and instructions are sent to your order email and you can see the detailed instructions on the order page.

1. This is the details for the Wire transfer or Bank Transfer, our suggestion is to use Transfer Wise when sending money Visit TransferWise

Account holder

Milos Pantic


BE73 9670 6885 0360

Bank code (SWIFT/BIC)



TransferWise Europe SA Avenue Marnix 13-17 Brussels 1000 Belgium


In the Reference add your order id

After the money is send, reply to the order email or contact us via live chat.

2.  The details below are for Steam Skins Trade

To complete the payment transfer the CS:GO/Dota 2 items, to start the trade click on the link:

The price needs to be {orderTotalFormatted} + 20% ( For example if you purchases something for 100$ you need to send us items worth of 120$)

Move the items you want to trade for the boost and write in the text area the order {orderId}.

After we confirm the trade we will contact you over email for further instructions.

Steam market prices are used to determine the value of your items, to check the price just click on the item in steam and you will see how much it is worth.

If you need any help or assistance contact us via live chat or email.