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New World Account

New World Account
New World Account
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We are selling New World Smurf Accounts, you can browse from our partner site all the available accounts. 

New world was developed by Amazon and it is right now in the open beta, the game will be released in august. 

Why buy from us the New World Account:

  • Fast Delivery.
  • 30 Days money back if anything happens to the account because of us.
  • All Servers Supported.
  • Fresh & Unranked Account.

How to buy the New World Smurf Account:

  • First, click the button browse accounts, you will see all available acc.
  • After the payment is complete account will be sent to your account and email, please note that on some rare occasions it can take up to 24h.
  • If you need any support contact us over email or live chat.

Why do people buy NW acc for sale:

You will save time by farming all materials and levelling up your character in game, you can simple buy a smurf account and start playing. We don't use nay cheats or hacks and it works on all servers and platforms. Not only that the game itself is very skill based and it is kinda hard to level, that's why it is good tobuy NW acc.

The gameplay has no auto-locked targeting attacks. you need to aim by hand. With each level, the hostile mobs are programmed with increasingly complex and strong sequences of attacking behaviour skill sets that will require the player to counter using their mana, stamina, and health with timed attacks, dodges, weapon blocks, retreats, or crawling stealth. The weapon skill tree choices are currently for bow, hammer, hatchet, fire staff, life staff, musket, spear, sword/shield, and ice gauntlet. 

If you’re familiar with survival games that have you punching wood to get a house going, New World delivers on this front initially by giving the player myriad survival pursuits. Hunting prey on the borders of your established safe zones to raise your cooking skill and create rations is far more engaging than it has any right to be.